James Curtwright

This is the future of windshield wipers...... Control it now!

I would like to sell the patent of this visor windshield device or license it. This wiper concept has been tried out on a prototype.



The Visor Windshield

Wiper Device

Visor Windshild Wiper Device prototype
Visor Windshild Wiper Device prototype
Visor Windshild Wiper Device prototype
What sets my wiper apart?

This patented wiper blade is relatively simple. Unlike a traditional wiper blade, my wiper blade moves from left to right in a straight horizontal motion. Therefore it cleans the complete window surface—including the lower and higher sections of the window that is neglected by a traditional wiper. 

Safety  Benefits Included:
  • The prototype was installed with a head light on the wiper (that is optional)

  • Gives the heavy equipment operators better view of the ground work 

How I came up with this idea

I was running my front end loader one day and it was raining—and my windshield was dusty—I turned on my wipers and honestly the wipers did not do much to improve my situation. The rain mixing with the dust transformed into mud rather quickly and the wipers were not cleaning the lower part of my windshield—the actual area I needed to be able to see from as my work is related to the ground.

Like most construction heavy equipment such as earth-movers, excavators and bull dozers to farm equipment as combines, harvester, etc. these operators rely on either looking down or looking up to their jobs safely. Unfortunately these workers encounter the same bad situation that I did—not being able to see the ground  as soon I turned on the windshield wipers.